Jen Storer & Truly Tan

tanWe have signed copies of all of Jen Storer’s books in the shop now.  Truly Tan, Tensy Farlow & The Accidental Princess are all available and would make terrific special gifts for Xmas.  Truly Tan is aimed at 8-10 year olds, and the other two titles are for girls a little older. Come in soon and grab a signed copy.


Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

The wait is over!!  The latest installment in the adventures of The Wimpy Kid is here.  The Third Wheel is on the shelves.


$14.95 in paperback, or $17.95 in hardback.

Heroes of Olympus #3 The Mark of Athena

Heroes of Olympus #3 The Mark of Athena

by Rick Riordan, PB $20.00

The characters we grew to love in Riordan’s first series (Percy Jackson) continue their adventures with a whole bunch of great new characters.

The Mark of Athena is the third in the series, Heroes of Olympus. Percy and Annabeth from the Greek demigods camp must join forces with Piper and Jason from the Roman camp to close the Doors of Death and save the WORLD!

Can two groups of people brought up to hate each other get past their differences and carry out the quest of the Gods?

Once again, Riordan writes an action packed story that is funny and sad with many twists and turns along the way!


*Try Rick Riordan’s other series… Percy Jackson chronicles and the Kane Chronicles





This time we’re going Under Wildwood

A whimsical fantasy novel for kids over 9, with lovely illustrations in a beautiful hardback, for $20. This, my friends, is the dream. Or maybe a dream. Anyway, it was about a year ago that Wildwood graced our shelves. Musician/Author Colin Meloy and illustrator Carson Ellis put together the clever, magical and adventurous tale of Prue McKeel, whose brother had been kidnapped by a flock of crows. Now, brand new in stock is Under Wildwood. This sequel shares the fantastic style and adventurous plot as Prue and her bandit-in-training friend Curtis must return to Wildwood to save themselves and their friends. Meanwhile, Curtis’ sisters have been taken to a terrible orphanage; they are going to have to find a way to escape, or face working in a factory for a long time.
With Wildwood now in paperback ($18) and Under Wildwood in hardback ($20) with lovely illustrations this is a perfect gift for fantasy readers in an occasionally difficult age range, though older readers and fans of Meloy’s band, The Decemberists, may well enjoy it just as much.

Under my hat; Tales from the cauldron

Under my hat; Tales from the cauldon

by Neil Gaiman et al, PB, $19.95

This is a fantastic collection of imaginative and magical witchy tales. 18 brilliant fantasy authors who hold a myriad of awards between them bring you stories about every conceivable type of witch; good, evil, young, old and their companions.

Each story is unique in writing style and there is excellent variety that will spook you and make you laugh or cry. Featuring Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Garth Nix, Isobelle Carmody and more! A relaxing holiday read for kids aged approx 12 and up.

The Cherub saga continues – Guardian Angel by Robert Muchamore

Fans of Robert Muchamore are once again buried in a new, bigger, better Cherub installment. Guardian Angel is the second book in the second Cherub series that started with People’s Republic which is itself now in paperback. A new gang, a new set of adventures. Muchamore’s fast paced action packed series is still a favourite with kids, especially boys, 12 plus. Guardian Angel is Hardback, $30.

The thrilling conclusion to the tales of Artemis Fowl!

Artemis Fowl & The Last Guardian

by Eoin Colfer, PB $19.95


After eight amazing books, Eoin Colfer brings the fabulous Artemis Fowl series to a thrilling conclusion!

Join Artemis, Holly, Myles and Beckett as they fight against the megalomaniac pixie, Opal Koboi (what’s not to love about that!?) to save the world yet again.

It’s been a crazy ride through the Artemis series but these books are a truly fun and slightly nerdy young adult read with plenty of twists and amazing characters to keep you going. Enjoy the last adventure of young Mr Fowl and an ending that will leave you stunned!