Jen Storer & Truly Tan

tanWe have signed copies of all of Jen Storer’s books in the shop now.  Truly Tan, Tensy Farlow & The Accidental Princess are all available and would make terrific special gifts for Xmas.  Truly Tan is aimed at 8-10 year olds, and the other two titles are for girls a little older. Come in soon and grab a signed copy.


National Bookshop Day Saturday August 11th.

On Saturday August 11th we will be celebrating National Bookshop Day.  We have a programme of authors helping us to do it, so you can take the opportunity to meet some local writers.  There is a mixture of adult and children’s authors coming throughout the day, and their times are listed at the bottom here. As well as having them here, Geoffrey McSkimming and his partner will be performing a magic show to help launch his new book, Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Kyoto.  

We will have cupcakes, quizzes and raffles going on during the day as well.

It will be a fun day of celebrating bookshops in the community and we need your help to do it.

The author schedule is below.

Tony Wilson 10-10.45

Jen Storer 10.30-11.30

Michael Pryor 11-12

Deborah Robertson 12-1

Fran Cusworth 12.30-1.20

Geoffrey McSkimming 1-2

Kylie Ladd 1-2

Zana Fraillon 1.30-2.30

Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children

A book that has been a favourite of ours at Fairfieldbooks is Tensy Farlow and the home for Mislaid Children. It has been a lovely hardback, but now, sadly the hardback is no longer available.  We have to content ourselves with the paperback version of it.  Same story, similar cover, and a slightly lower price of $16.95.   So Tensy fans to be can still read the story.

Local author Jen Storer’s new book: The Accidental Princess

Two of our favourite children’s books, Tensy Farlow and Tan Callanhan have been written by Fairfield author Jen Storer.  Now we have her new book, and a gorgeous looking one it is too.  We have signed copies available, and we will be reviewing it fully soon. It’s a lovely little hardback for $19.95.

Guest Blog #2 – Jen Storer

As one of our top 15 picks for junior readers, Jen Storer’s Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children is a firm Fairfield Books favourite. The whimsical tale is full of magic and adventure and will keep young readers guessing until the very end. Charming and quirky, Tensy is a nine year with something to say.

And here is something her creator has to say about writing fantasy for young readers….

Beyond the Alphabet: Writing Action Scenes for Children’s Fantasy

Writing action scenes can be an exhausting process. There’s so much going on that it’s easy to lose sight of who’s doing what; who’s in, who’s out, who’s blubbing, who’s bolting, who’s fighting the good fight. And aside from the physical action there are all sorts of emotions and motivations that need to be observed or in the very least alluded to. These might include fear, delight, bravery, victory, regret, envy, greed; they’re all flying around in the blurry mix of an action scene. So how do authors pull it off without totally bamboozling their young readers and without pulling out their own hair in despair? Well, firstly I make a pot of tea. That’s a nice, civilised start. Then I write the first few jerky pages. This is where I just kind of let loose—I stop worrying about the reader and for the time being just let the characters run amok. Then I print out what I’ve written, take the hard copy and go and sit somewhere well away from Miss Mary Mac (if I stay anywhere near the computer she and I will want to fix the pacing and point of view, or fiddle with the grammar and syntax and spelling and all that fluffy stuff that Doesn’t Matter at this point). I might retire to the garden. Or perhaps my local café. Thus ensconced I drink more tea, re-read and ponder. I absorb every nuance of the scene so that my mind is flooded with movements, gestures, snippets of dialogue, even smells. Then I take out my A3 sketchpad and I draw the scene (stick figures if you please, although occasionally there’s a flourish of inspiration and someone will score a cape or wings or crooked teeth). If you’ve ever acted, this is rather like blocking out a scene on the stage. Or for those of you who dance, it’s choreography on paper. I need to know exactly where everyone is and how and when they’re going to pounce or strike or flee. I need to be absolutely clear about this or the entire ugly broil will implode (and so will my brain).

In my new book, The Accidental Princess, there are several opposing villains including a witch queen, a giant toad and a traitorous cat who may not even be a cat. There are also a couple of feuding imp armies, a band of cock-eyed goblins and two quarrelling sisters at the centre of everything. Naturally it all comes to a head at the end of the book and quite frankly it would have been impossible to write this final showdown without the aid of an A3 sketchpad, some wonky stick figures and a pot of tea. Sometimes you really do have to go beyond the alphabet in order to write…

Jen Storer

The Accidental Princess, illustrated by Lucia Masciullo, is due out April 2011.

Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children (HB $19.95) and Tan Callahan’s Secret Spy Files (PB $14.95) are available instore now. See the Tan Callahan book trailer below and check out all things Tensy, Tan and Jen at Jen’s website

Haggis McGregor and the Night of the Skull Moon by Jen Storer

Aussie Bites is a series of books  for new readers, who are ready to graduate from Aussie Nibbles.  They have a suitable number of words per sentence that will slightly stretch children, but not overwhelm them.  They have featured many terrific Australian authors over the years, and are favourites with children, teachers and parents.

Haggis McGregor and the night of the skull moon is a new addition to the series, and is written by Fairfield’s own Jen Storer.  Jen has had great success in the last year with a short listing in the CBC awards, and the Prime Minister’s literary awards with her book Tensy Farlow and the home for Mislaid Children.

The story is about Haggis, who has been dead many years, and is now a skeleton and who occasionally rides about the village of Dunroamin on his (also dead) horse.  He is looking for a wife, and doesn’t really understand why this should be so difficult. The villagers aren’t happy about Haggis roaming around wearing his kilt and wig,  waving a sword about, and generally being noisy and frightening.  On the night of a full moon, things come to a head, and happily, Haggis finds the girl of his dreams.

This is silly, funny and very entertaining.  Suitable for 6-8 year old boys and girls.  Paperback, $12.95 Heather

Welcome to our new blog!

If you’ve been to our other blog you will have realised a lot of our content was kids books. We’ve now decided to make a dedicated kids blog so you, dear reader, are getting only what you’re looking for. To kick things off, here are a few pics from a recent event we had with local author Michael Pryor celebrating the relaunch of his Laws of Magic series. Thanks to the fans who came along and a big thanks to Michael for all the insight into his writing and Aubrey’s adventures!

Michael is pictured with some fans, and another local author Jen Storer (Tensy Farlow and the Home for Mislaid Children). So we hope this new blog gives you some great ideas for the younger readers in your life.