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Jen Storer & Truly Tan

tanWe have signed copies of all of Jen Storer’s books in the shop now.  Truly Tan, Tensy Farlow & The Accidental Princess are all available and would make terrific special gifts for Xmas.  Truly Tan is aimed at 8-10 year olds, and the other two titles are for girls a little older. Come in soon and grab a signed copy.

The Paper Dolls

Julia Donaldson has branched out from her tried and tested collaborations with Axel Scheffler (The Gruffalo, Superworm) with her new book, The Paper Dolls. This whimsical story about the power of imagination and the wonder children find in the simplest things is illustrated by the talented Rebecca Cobb. This is simply a lovely story accompanied by lovely illustrations of Ticky and Tacky, and Jackie the Backie, and Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow. A great story of kids, especially girls, aged 3-6. You might have paper dolls lying around the house but stimulating your kids imagination might be worth it.

Hey Baby! – super cute picture book from Corinne Fenton

Hey Baby! by Corinne Fenton, HB $18.95


All kids will fall in love with this gorgeous picture book full of cute baby animals. Each page has a big beautiful photo of a baby animal ranging from Hippos to Racoons to Zebras.

Hey Baby! has a lovely, simple message about appreciating how unique everyone is. It would make a great bedtime read that adults can enjoy too!

Ruby Red Shoes

Ruby Red Shoes is the gorgeous debut by Australian author and illustrator Kate Knapp.  Ruby is a young white hare who has always worn red shoes, ever since her grandmother, Babushka Galina Galushka, knitted her a pair of red shoes.

Ruby has been brought up to be a gentle soul, and treats her friends with respect and shows love to all of her surroundings, including her pets, trees, the garden and her environment.

Along with the beautiful drawings that accompany the story and fill every page, the story is a delight.  Ruby is a great role-model for kids and her world is filled with whimsy and fun.

Bound in lovely hardback, this books makes a great present for toddlers and school-age children alike.

In store now!!

$20 in hardback

Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

The wait is over!!  The latest installment in the adventures of The Wimpy Kid is here.  The Third Wheel is on the shelves.


$14.95 in paperback, or $17.95 in hardback.