When in doubt, go classic.

Any time you buy a gift such as a book you encounter the enduring problem of what if

they already have it? I am here with a solution to all your problems. Go classic.

Just in stock are beautiful cloth bound editions of some of our favourite titles. Introduce a teenager you know to the enduring wonders of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice or whisk them away to Wonderland with Alice’s Adventures (and Through the Looking Glass, in one volume). Even if they’ve read it, or got it, a hardback edition of a classic is never out of place on ones bookshelf. Also available in this lovely binding is a personal favourite, Jane Eyre, which I’ve obviously read, and loved, and recently been given as a gift. My battered orange penguin edition than I carried around South East Asia with me just doesn’t compare with my new copy! All $19.95, other titles also available.