Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor by Jacqueline Harvey

Jacqueline Harvey is the author of the Alice-Miranda series of books, which are great favourites here at Fairfield Books. She has now released the first book in a new series for younger readers, centred on a sweet little girl called Clementine Rose and her pet teacup pig, Lavender. Clementine Rose was delivered to her mother, Lady Clarissa, with a batch of dinner rolls when she was a baby, and has lived with her in leaky, dilapidated Penberthy House ever since. In Clementine Rose and the Surprise Visitor, Clementine must solve the mystery of why creepy Aunt Violet has come to stay with a curious black bag. There will be more adventures to come in this charming new series, perfect for readers 6-10. $12.95


Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones

There is a delightful series of books about a young girl called Alice-Miranda and her friends set in a boarding school.  They have adventures and while it could all be a bit twee, it isn’t.  They are funny and are about friendships, being brave, being responsible and a lot more.  The fourth Alice-Miranda story has just arrived and a young girl you know, especially if she likes stories about real girls, not fairies or fantasy will love them.  The author, Jacqueline Harvey obviously really knows about girls and what makes them tick.  Ages 8-11 $15.95 each.