Meet Ella & Olivia

Ella, seven years, and Olivia, five-and-a-half, are sisters. Olivia wants to be just like Ella when she gets older. In their first adventure Cupcake Catastrophe the girls are,you guessed it, making cupcakes! They both looove to cook and it’s their Dad’s birthday, so all by themselves (almost) the girls set about making some beautiful cupcakes for the party. Will they work out perfectly like the girls want? Uh oh, Olivia is still learning to spell…

For a short time Ella and Olivia; Cupcake Catastrophe, is just $4. Also in stock is Ella and Olivia; Best Friend Showdown at $8. Books 3 and 4 are coming out later this year.

With great messages about all sorts of things like family and friendship these are great books for fans of Billie B Brown who are ready to move on to something a little longer.