Hey Baby! – super cute picture book from Corinne Fenton

Hey Baby! by Corinne Fenton, HB $18.95


All kids will fall in love with this gorgeous picture book full of cute baby animals. Each page has a big beautiful photo of a baby animal ranging from Hippos to Racoons to Zebras.

Hey Baby! has a lovely, simple message about appreciating how unique everyone is. It would make a great bedtime read that adults can enjoy too!


A New Favourite

Eric Carle, of Very Hungry Caterpillar fame, has a lovely new picture book out for toddlers to four year olds.

It is called The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, and it encourages children to explore artistic freedom and break through the shackles of conventional colouring-in!  Definitely something we should all aspire to do!

This gorgeous, large-size hardback is full of illustrations of favourite animals in not-so-conventional colours.  Along with the horse who is very blue, you’ll find a bright green lion, a purple fox, and even a polka-dotted donkey!  As we have come to expect from Carle’s books, the pictures are extremely engaging and will inspire your little ones to reach out and touch the vivid images in front of them.  Come and have a look for yourself!!

rrp $24.95 in HB

In store now.