10 Futures by Michael Pryor

Michael Pryor has departed a bit from his recent magic and fantasy series.  This book introduces Sam and Tara, close friends, who are living, surviving, enduring, coping  with and enjoying ten different futures of our world.

There’s 2020, not far away and there are robots in a high-tech world;  there’s 2040 where genetic selection has become a reality; there’s 2090, not in our life time [as far as we know now, that is] and global warming is real causing many challenges.   There’s 2100 where artificial intelligence rules.

Each of the ten futures has a root in the present day – for example, Global Warming, Financial Crises, population pressures etc.  Michael gives us a snapshot of that future, through the eyes of Sam and Tara, best friends.  The book reads like a collection of connected short stories.Each snapshot is intriguing and thought provoking.Sam and Tara are cleverly the same people throughout, although affected by each of their futures in subtle ways.  This is highly recommended reading but also gives interesting points for discussion.
10 Futures Book Trailer:

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