The History Keepers by Damian Dibben

The History Keepers are not bound by time as we know it. Their secret headquarters are not even in our century. Like the rest of us, Jake Djones has no idea that the History Keepers even exist. That is, until his parents, his regular and completely normal parents, disappear. In the series of baffling revelations that follow this completely irregular and non-normal event, Jake learns that history, all of history, is in great peril.

Travelling through time to complete their missions, the History Keepers wage a constant battle against those who seek to destroy the way things were in order to change the present as we know it. Complete with power struggles for the top job, an eccentric costume master and teenage agents across the world, Jake must struggle through the mystery that is the History Keepers to find his parents, who are lost somewhere in time.

Just think of Damian Dibben’s The History Keepers as the love child of Doctor Who and James Bond, complete with time-travelling teenage superspies. With that in mind, this thrill-seeking adventure becomes this summer’s must-read! Recommended for 11+. Paperback, $24.95


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