Boy vs Beast: Battle of the Worlds

Kai Masters is twelve years old and is a Bordaria Border Guard. The world has been halved by a border-wall to separate Earth, where humans live, from Beastium, the realm of the mega-beasts.  With his trusty dogbot Bc3 by his side, and a whole arsernal of cool high-tech gadgets at his disposal, it is Kai’s job to battle the beasts who try to cross and invade Earth. One day he hopes to be good enough to become a Bordaria Master Commander just like his Dad.

Boy vs Beast is a new series of books aimed at early readers, and truly, they have everything in them that a young boy could want: lots of action, adventure, strange fierce beasts,  fancy gadgets, and battles! The language has been simplified, the print is large and there are plenty of illustrations, diagrams and even some cartoons to hold their interest. My just-turned-six year old is a big fan – when I asked him for his opinion he said “They’re really cool. They’re exciting and I love the battles. And I can read them myself if I want to!” Can’t get better than that!

The first book in the series is called Aquatan, and has been released at an introductory price of $5, while stocks last. The rest of the series are $10 each. Fiona


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